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World Cup in Roller Derby

ROLLER DERBY WORLD CUP was happening in Dallas, Texas this weekend.

And I was playing for Team Norway

.10801594_10152602223739023_10651250396446996_n 10850110_10205721918553673_9084087679205207567_n 10846026_10152602227129023_8073419994556069378_n 10805616_10152602226514023_142696840199177883_n 10599583_10204710719761951_3330459542590939393_n 10413384_10152602227384023_4216807555516719574_n 10301175_10152602227194023_7155328486434351251_n 1501721_10205721917273641_5503403967723297412_n

I had a wonderful time, we learned a lot, and Team Norway got on 16th place out of 32 teams.  That means we are in the top half of the world!!!

It was a FUN and hard fought weekend.

Here is a VIDEO from our game agains Team USA.  We lost tremendously(!) 854-6 to be exact.  However, we are extremely proud of those 6 points.  Here I was passed the jammer penny and actually made it out of the pack.  Though no points were scored in this video, it’s a huge deal just to get out of the pack against Team USA.


Happy Diabetes Day!

It is National Diabetes Day and I’m feeling a little torn….

We are wearing blue, we are posting pictures on social media, and we are planning get togethers with friends and families also living with Type 1, celebrating with ice cream, on my daughter’s request.

Why are we CELEBRATING a disease?

blue for nov 14

I am celebrating the Diabetes COMMUNITY, the CONNECTION, and the AWARENESS we are making on this day.

The FRIENDS I have made, the FRIENDS my daughter has made. This thing certainly would have been a lot harder to tackle was it not for all of them.


I am also secretly CELEBRATING a CURE! Though there is none [yet] we are closer to a CURE today than we were last year!


I love someone with T1D

ZooBurst is Hilarious!!

Here is my experiment attempting to make a Diabetes Awareness 3D Pop Up book with ZooBurds.

I had so much FUN!

I’m debating on making a digital Christmas card with an app like this… Ha ha.

Click image to read my Pop Up Book about Debates Awareness Month.

ZooBurst Screen Shot


Discussion #5: Discussion & Reflection Tools  

Google Forms can be utilized for testing purposes, but also to see where the students are at when it comes to comprehending the topics taught as the students can be asked to fill in various forms. One can choose different question forms such as multiple choice, text, check box, chose from a list, grid, time, and date.  This kind of forms would evaluate, monitor, test, or check the students.   If one incorporates the correct answers in the completion page, the students can check their own answers and function as an instant feedback to the students.

My “ah ha” moment was when I initially made one form, consisting of True/False questions, but realized it would not give me enough information to evaluate the students’ comprehension.

An additional similar tool would be survey monkey where the teacher can build questions to assess where the students are at academically and also utilize it as a different way to give quizzes for evaluating knowledge.

Presentation… Sol-Marie’s Photo Boards for JDRF

Here is my favorite Prezi of all times… I am a proud mom first of all in life, thus I LOVE THIS ONE!

My daughter, 12yrs, made this one pretty much all by herself.  This was her very first time using Prezi.  She thought it was very easy.  Only thing I did was to give her all the photos to use as they were mostly on my phone.

Sol-Marie is making these AMAZING photo boards she is selling for JDRF and her Walk Team.  She has already sold quite a few photo boards and brought in over $200 for research for Type 1 Diabetes.  I asked her to make a Prezi to send to all of our friends to advertise these amazing boards.  This is what she came up with. 

Here is some background about the  Prezi as she wrote it in the presentation. Too cute not to share.

I am making these photo boards to raise money for JDRF. They will cost 20$ for the bigger ones and 10$ for the bow organizers. Please help me raise money to find a cure for Type 1 Diabetes.

Sol-Marie, 12 years old

Watch Sol-Marie’s Prezi HERE!

MY Perspective on Educational Technology

Katrine Nordstrom Venn Diagram

Personal use of technology –I use technology in my private life mostly for communicating with friends and family, entertainment, and social media. I grew up in Norway and all my family and many of my good friends still live in there. I only get to see them about once a year, so communicating through email, skype, phone, face time, and social media is very important to stay in touch. Email is the go-to for lengthy in-depth communicating (due to the time change), although social media has taken over some of the more casual interaction with far away friends.

Professional use of technology –I use technology professionally when I go to schools teaching kids about Type 1 Diabetes with JDRF (Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation). We use a PowerPoint presentation and a short video. The technology is mostly used as a teaching aid and to simplify what Type1 Diabetes is all about. I also use social media when advertising JDRF events and when communicating fundraising efforts.

Personal and Professional use of technology –I utilize technology for both personal and professional use as an aid to stay organized, planning purposes, communicating, researching, and for self education. I gain inspiration through training videos, YouTube videos, documentaries, and various apps. on my phone.

Future use of technology –My first step to integrate technology into teaching would be to employ what I already know best such as utilizing educational video tutorials and researching tools. The students can find and rearrange data to generate knowledge of various health concerns, i.e. submitting videos focusing on awareness of public health concerns the students find online, such as YouTube.   I would like to learn more about blogging to utilize that as a way of collaborating. I also would like to know how students can create their own short videos dedicated to various topics.

September 16th, 2013

Our lives changed forever….

This is the date our daughter Sol-Marie was diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes.  She was 11 years old.

She is such a brave girl!  After just two weeks, she wanted to give the insulin shots herself.

  • She pricks her finger to check her blood glucose 5-10 times a day.
  • She needs insulin shots 4-7 times a day to survive (for every time she eat carbohydrates or has high blood sugar for other reasons, such as being sick, stress, excitements, hormones, exercise, the list goes on….).
  • She had gadgets attached to her 24-7 to help her somewhat with the diabetes management.  We all actually consider ourselves lucky for these gadgets, but is she really?

We watch over her… We have not slept a whole night through yet. We are up every 2am doing blood checks…. But sleep is overrated, right?  I think one day in the future I will stay in a hotel and just sleep ALL DAY while she is in school!

She can still do everything she wants to do.

I guess we are lucky after all….

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