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World Cup in Roller Derby

ROLLER DERBY WORLD CUP was happening in Dallas, Texas this weekend.

And I was playing for Team Norway

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I had a wonderful time, we learned a lot, and Team Norway got on 16th place out of 32 teams.  That means we are in the top half of the world!!!

It was a FUN and hard fought weekend.

Here is a VIDEO from our game agains Team USA.  We lost tremendously(!) 854-6 to be exact.  However, we are extremely proud of those 6 points.  Here I was passed the jammer penny and actually made it out of the pack.  Though no points were scored in this video, it’s a huge deal just to get out of the pack against Team USA.


ZooBurst is Hilarious!!

Here is my experiment attempting to make a Diabetes Awareness 3D Pop Up book with ZooBurds.

I had so much FUN!

I’m debating on making a digital Christmas card with an app like this… Ha ha.

Click image to read my Pop Up Book about Debates Awareness Month.

ZooBurst Screen Shot


Presentation… Sol-Marie’s Photo Boards for JDRF

Here is my favorite Prezi of all times… I am a proud mom first of all in life, thus I LOVE THIS ONE!

My daughter, 12yrs, made this one pretty much all by herself.  This was her very first time using Prezi.  She thought it was very easy.  Only thing I did was to give her all the photos to use as they were mostly on my phone.

Sol-Marie is making these AMAZING photo boards she is selling for JDRF and her Walk Team.  She has already sold quite a few photo boards and brought in over $200 for research for Type 1 Diabetes.  I asked her to make a Prezi to send to all of our friends to advertise these amazing boards.  This is what she came up with. 

Here is some background about the  Prezi as she wrote it in the presentation. Too cute not to share.

I am making these photo boards to raise money for JDRF. They will cost 20$ for the bigger ones and 10$ for the bow organizers. Please help me raise money to find a cure for Type 1 Diabetes.

Sol-Marie, 12 years old

Watch Sol-Marie’s Prezi HERE!

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