SAVE Icon on Computers

To Floppy Drive or Not to Floppy Drive?

That is the question these days.

Floppy screen shot

Why is there a floppy sign on the computers anyway? That is so 1980’s. Most young users don’t even know what a floppy drive is anymore.

It could have been changed to a CD ROM icon years ago, but that is already outdated by now. Even if it was changed to a USB icon, that is on its way out too. External hard drives are more unusual as not everyone utilizes it. A cloud icon could be used for demonstrating that one is saving a document on a cloud-based network. However, all of these icons would vary depending on what the consumer chooses to utilize as a method to save work. In addition, they will most likely be outdated in a few years and replaced by something newer.

How about a SAVE Icon? One that simply says the word “Save”. It streamlines the purpose of the button making it timeless for future inventions to come with more memory and processing speed.

Save Screen Shot

The End.


One response

  1. Simple and direct! Great perspective!


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