MY Perspective on Educational Technology

Katrine Nordstrom Venn Diagram

Personal use of technology –I use technology in my private life mostly for communicating with friends and family, entertainment, and social media. I grew up in Norway and all my family and many of my good friends still live in there. I only get to see them about once a year, so communicating through email, skype, phone, face time, and social media is very important to stay in touch. Email is the go-to for lengthy in-depth communicating (due to the time change), although social media has taken over some of the more casual interaction with far away friends.

Professional use of technology –I use technology professionally when I go to schools teaching kids about Type 1 Diabetes with JDRF (Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation). We use a PowerPoint presentation and a short video. The technology is mostly used as a teaching aid and to simplify what Type1 Diabetes is all about. I also use social media when advertising JDRF events and when communicating fundraising efforts.

Personal and Professional use of technology –I utilize technology for both personal and professional use as an aid to stay organized, planning purposes, communicating, researching, and for self education. I gain inspiration through training videos, YouTube videos, documentaries, and various apps. on my phone.

Future use of technology –My first step to integrate technology into teaching would be to employ what I already know best such as utilizing educational video tutorials and researching tools. The students can find and rearrange data to generate knowledge of various health concerns, i.e. submitting videos focusing on awareness of public health concerns the students find online, such as YouTube.   I would like to learn more about blogging to utilize that as a way of collaborating. I also would like to know how students can create their own short videos dedicated to various topics.


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