Discussion 1: Blogging

As blogging has become a standard method of communicating, this can be viewed as a vital learning tool. Young students are eager to utilize technology and are remarkably tech savvy. For most students, being able to utilize blogging as a form of learning –either submitting book reports, comparing notes, collaborating, class discussions, or group projects- will be viewed as more interesting, than pen and paper assignments.  As a teacher, seeing students enjoy doing the work assigned creates a pleasant atmosphere. Thus it is important to reach the students with various mediums they are interested in, which in turn keep the students focused.

By implementing blogging and using the result (the blogs themselves) as an example one can display for students, parents, and fellow educators the positive outcomes one can achieve with blogging. Incorporating thorough guidelines is vital to achieve the desired result and participation in the blogs. By having the students blog about what they find significant with the blogging, and maybe request the parents to comment, might display the valuable impact of blogging.

My blog, Technology Education and Type 1 Diabetes, focuses on educating the public about Type 1 Diabetes. I would like to focus on various ways to incorporate technology as a way of teaching various health topics in school.

My favorite part about creating the blog was to share it with my daughter who I think was kind of impressed.

I hope to be more fluent with my blogging. A lot of time was spent figuring things out, either by trial and error, or searching online how to do something. I would like it to be more effortless.


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